1. How did you first come up with the idea for the fanon? 3:52 Duke of Skibbington I came up with the idea after watching the shows Deadliest Warrior and Death Battle. I thought something like that would be interesting for Avatar. After all, I realised battle writign was my strength. 3:53 Tono555 2. How do you choose who's going to battle who? 3:54 Duke of Skibbington Normally, I look for two characters who share either very similar or very contrasting abilities and characteristics. Like "who is the best swordsman?" or "would water beat fire?" 3:56 Tono555 Do you consider your stories to be biased? 3:57 Duke of Skibbington Unfortunately, I should think so. Even in season 2 where I got someone else to judge, it only avoided my bias. Not the judge's. Though I believe one battle was agreed upon unanimously by the guests. I just can't put my finger on it at the moment. 3:59 Tono555 Why, even when you decide the winner do you let the public decide who they think would have won? 4:00 Duke of Skibbington The idea was to see whether or not the public agreed with my decision. If most people agreed, it would mean my judgement was relatively unbiased.